Hardworking, Fast, and Reliable.

Excellent work ethic. Incredible customer service. An unbreakable passion to make our planet a green world. These are few of the many ideology that separates C.A.C. Group Investment from the competition.

Every company has a beginning. To start it is the easy part, to stick until it was flourish with it is hard part.



Our goal is that when our customers think of C.A.C. Group Investment, they think of a company that not only makes sound insulation underlayment but is also solving Miami’s astonishing abandon tires problem that grows everyday because of the fact that people are not properly disposing of dammaged tires. But this is a problem that is happening everywhere.

dB chart from 10dB to 145dB


IIC & STC Rating Scale

Being Eco-friendly, made simple.

Products that are made from recycled tires, professionals that work hard to go above and beyond for every one of our customers, all while avocation and delivering on our promise to make the planet a greener world. What more can you want?

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