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This was in Detroit, the 23rd most populated city in the United States, and while Miami is the 43rd most populated city, this is still a major problem especially when the city is in construction year round. Nails to wrenches are found in tires daily and the tires are dispose of and not always properly.

This one is closer to home, in Georgia there are people driving truckloads of tires and dumping them and not getting caught. They attract mosquitos, and are a toxic fire hazard, meanwhile people that own the places where they are illegally dumping have to pay out of pocket to get it dump to a recycling plant.

Wellington Ave, Ohio. They are dumping tires in front of houses regardless if they are abandoned or not.

This was a notice sent out by the Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources in 2014 stating that the Florida building code was going to change.

What Section 1207 refers to is that with the new building code. As stated in the document, chapter 12, the STC and IIC has to be no less than 50, a requirement that not only our materials and products achieve but surpasses it as well.

The old building code still passes the test, only if there is a suspended ceiling in place. The thing is no body uses suspended ceilings anymore, so it doesn’t meet the standards of the new code. This is the new code.

Here we have a video from Granutech explaining how their 4 stage tire recycling system works.

In this video we have PALLMANN showcasing how their 3 step process.

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