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The Company

We are a company formed by professionals with vast experience in the commercialization and installment of sound control systems CTO. 


Strive to provide products and services of acoustic protection in residential and commercial buildings. This allow us to elevate the level of comfort in the lives of our clients while complying with the different norms, codes, and regulations that appl
y. As well as take initiative and assume the responsibility to preserve and conserve our planet.


To become, through our products and services the leader company as well as to encourage the compliance of The Building Code of the State of Florida in the aspects of transmission and control in new buildings. To accomplish an extremely tranquil and revitalizing environment, while at the same time taking care of the owners and occupants which results in a exponential increase to their quality of life. Applying our knowledge and specialize experience adjoin with our passion and our Eco-friendly business practices we are looking forward to a nearby future in which we can teach spread our expertise all across the United States and internationally.

The Team

Carlos Gaitan

Founder and CEO of C.A.C. Group Investment.

Daniel Camino


Kevin Torres

Marketing Manager.

Our partners

Florida tech

Florida TEC is your one stop for all roof testing, engineering and calculations. You can count on their expertise to help them overcome any hurdles along the way. They can even help you document and showcase your project with before and after aerial photography.


Acoustic Sonic Inc.

Today they have among our customers Amazon, CNN, ESPN, Telemundo, Gatorade, Academica, BBC, Florida Power and Light, Miami Herald and many more. Their service has spread throughout the world with customers in Dubai, North and South America, the Caribbean, Mexico and Africa.


Affordable @ Home Hearing Aids Specialist Inc.

Jesus Diaz has over 35 years of experience in the hearing industry. He is a National Board Certifed Hearing Aid Specialist, currently serving Affordable @ Home Hearing Aid Specialist in Miami, Florida.


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